The Truth about Options for Yoga Teachers Part - Power Yoga: Many things come to mind when we hear the words ?Power Yoga,? but the roots of Power Yoga are usually related to Ashtanga Yoga.

Whence Comes Our Penchant For Violence and Dominance - Whence comes this seemingly human penchant for brutality, violence, dominance, to maim and to hurt others?.

Rod Steigers Secret Use Everything - There is a Buddhist expression that urges us to burn ourselves up completely in whatever we?re doing at the moment.

Lance Rants China Russia Pakistan Israel and India have Nuclear Weapons Why Not Iran - The world does not want Iran to have nuclear weapons, especially this current fundamentalist regime.

It Sucks To be Me and You Sometimes Develop a Mantra for Stress Management - Over Easter Weekend, I was able to enjoy a beautiful spring day in New York.

Male Toys and Equipment - These sleeves come in a variety of shapes and sizes and textures, so you?re probably going to have to try a few out before you find out that fits the bill.

Lance Rants on Middle East Nation Regime Change - Some say that the United States cannot and should not dictate political policies in other nations.

How Small Is Small - It may not be quite obvious but the word small is indeterminate.

Why Your Doctor May Kill You And Not Have To Hide The Crime - Can a doctor legally attempt to kill his patient and not have to hide the crime? Does that assertion seem outrageous to you? It should.

Benefits of Free Online Dating - Dating for every one.

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