Are You A Dreamer - I'm a dreamer and I'm proud of it.

Bad Hair Day Beryl Coming Our Way - Well just when you thought you had figured out your perfect hairstyle, Mother Nature has decided she has other plans.

Personality Test Are You A KnowAll Or NoAll - Expert or Generalist - what are you? Are you one who will know more and more about one subject and less and less about others? Or you are one who knows something about everything? Those of us who are experts are surprised that some people on the e.

Modern Day Warriors of the Heart - Samurai warriors came into existence in Japan around the 12th century when two powerful Japanese clans fought bitter wars against each other.

Lance Rants on Health Issues People Dying from Lung Complications - Well now people are dying from Lung Cancer and the death toll could rise as high as 10,000 more people from this.

Dating A Friend Should You Or Shouldnt You - You've found the perfect person for you.

Go Out On A Limb Thats Where The Fruit Is - Be bold and courageous.

Lessons From NatureIn the Midst of Rain - I went to visit Scotland one summer for about three weeks.

Chair Yoga Case Study No More Chronic Neck Pain - Chair Yoga Case Study ? No More Chronic Neck Pain.

Breach of Trust Undermines Active Retired Military - On the 62nd anniversary of D-Day, June 6, 1944, when the United States Armed Forces as part of the Allied Forces including Britain and Canada, landed on the beaches of Normandy, France and helped free France and much of Europe from the strongholds.

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