Love Connection of the s - It's so easy to think about, and indeed wish for Love.

The Cosmic Ordering Service Image Ordain and Manifest - Following an endorsement by a British television personality, a book on the subject of 'Cosmic Ordering' - also known as 'Wish Listing' ? has been flying off the shelves.

Leaping in Faith - I still don't think I really understanding what it means to "Let go and let God", "Surrender and trust".

Meditation on The Secrets of the Universe the Answer in Words or Less - We are Ordinary Things.

Three Ways To Relieve Stress - Of all the ways to relieve stress, meditation may be one of the best, but what if you don't have the time? What if you are having trouble with your meditation? Try one of the following three good techniques.

Animals Know Before the Earthquake Hits What about Bats - Bats often live in barns, caves and over hangs and use special sensors to navigate in flight.

A Heartfelt Prayer Of Gods Promises And Principles From Proverbs - Lord, I want to keep Your words and capture Your commandments deep within me today.

Exclusivity in Dating Power Tips on How to Go About It - There can be an occasion when you want to take away the woman you are dating from being seen by any other guy.

Illegal Immigration and Economic Enslavement Recipe for Collapse - Some think the illegal immigration issue is no big thing and say that we need cheap labor.

Snack Gift Basket - Copyright 2006 Hali Shipon.

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