When God Made You It Put A Smile On His Face - When God made you it put a smile on His face.

How To Leverage Change And Why It Works - The myth of Sisyphus has always been always a favourite of mine.

Your Success Response is Physiological - Most people believe that success in business and finance is primarily the result of mental processes.

How To Be A Fabulous Flirter - For some people it just comes naturally, that tilt of the head and bat of the eye.

God is Pure Energy Said the Wise Man - Often you will hear wise men speak of God as energy and not an actual being.

Relationship Action Plan - After being in a relationship,and having been hurt,I stayed out of relationships for a long time.

Time Risk Flexibility Success - Have you ever thought what the difference was between really successful people and those who never seem to get ahead? Believe it or not, the difference between them has nothing to do with money, material possessions, or fame, or luck.

Lessons of Success from Kid Rock - I was watching an MTV interview one day.

No Ice Cream for God - I?m taking a nap on the sofa.

Battered Wives vs Battered Husbands - Shortly after my mother was born immigrant couple had moved in to the farm next door.

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