Lonely Tips That Will Change Your Life - Are you lonely?.

Repercussion Of Faith - Long considered as the bastion of feudalism, Catholicism and religion always seem to be untouchable.

Victory Dance Your Way to Success - On a trip to England my husband, Tom, and I visited Stratford-on-Avon, looking for the home of William Shakespeare.

Striking the Gender Balance - This afternoon, I attended a meeting with our local Chamber of Commerce office on starting a group for women.

Power Affirmations I am an Independent Thinker - Here are a few new Power Affirmations you may find helpful:.

What A Wonderful World - I was sitting outside on the patio this morning with my morning cup of tea watching the sun come up, and feeling a cool breeze from the water below me.

Ways to Communicate Effectively - 7 Ways to communicate effectively.

Motivational Speaker Asks Can You Accept That Youve Been BSing Yourself - Reality doesn?t have much to say for itself, quipped one famous comedian, but ?It?s the only place where you can get a good steak.

The Enneagram - When I left the 'Don', (This is part of a far larger story about how I learned a great deal in jail at the age of twenty when I went to serve off parking ticket fines rather than pay for what I considered illegal taxation for a corrupt bureaucracy.

RePopulate US with Mexicans to Guarantee GDP Economic Growth - The American Middle Class is not populating fast enough; that is to say we have an aging population, but we are not having enough kids to support and run our nation and insure proper capacity, output and productivity to continue to grow our GDP at.

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