Anti Globalists Condemn the Federal Reserve - It is amazing indeed that that anti-globalists are so busy condemning the Federal Reserve and the powers that be.

Do You Ever Wonder How Hwang WooSuk Tricked The World About Embryonic Stem Cells - Wonder how Korea's Hwang Woo Suk pulled off one of the greatest scientific frauds of all time? The scientific journals that published the work must shoulder some responsibility.

Successfollow the wellbeaten path - Have you achieved success in your life? Yes or no? The answer to that question is quite simple to most people.

Abatement of Dangerous Contaminants in Aftermath of Disasters - One of the biggest problems we're finding in the aftermath of huge disasters such as the Sumatra earthquake and the Indonesia tsunami, and hurricane Katrina is that these disasters leave huge amounts of dangerous contaminants.

Taiwan China and the Good ol USA - China regards Taiwan as a renegade province and wants it back under their control.

Engagement Ring The Promise Of Things To Come - Love is supposed to be pure, yet it always seems to be around when money is exchanged.

Question Authority When that Feeling in Your Stomach is Stronger than the Thoughts in Your Head - Growing up there was one thing one never did and that was to question authority.

Relationship Sacrificing Values Can Not Save It - Every relationship demands sacrifices.

Motivational Speaker Advises Never Believe Success Is Permanent - I like tracking the progress of professional and college sports teams, noting their ups and downs, developing certain predictions for their future performance.

Quiz Are You Romancing In Love - Have you experienced romantic love when you have sent flowers for no reason? When you sent hundreds of ecards in a single day.

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