The Question Religion Forgot To Answer Does God Laugh Too - Have you noticed that "God" has many names, faces and backgrounds? Our beliefs about He/She/It, Universal Creator, Spirit or Grand Poobah, are as diverse as all the varied creatures God has laughed into existence.

Perfection Wont Keep You Warm at Night Dating Advice for Women - After teaching a class one night, I ran into Barbara (who is single and 45)in the hallway.

President Torrijos Launched Plan to Modernize the Panama Canal - Martin Torrijos, President of Panama, formally announced the government?s intention to modernize the 92-year-old Panama Canal during a ceremony held at Panama City?s Atlapa Convention Center in late April.

For Womens Eyes Only - For years women have always been the underdog in a man?s world, but only if you perceive it to be that way.

Gas Prices Got You Down - I just filled up my gas tank this morning for the daily trek into work, and spent what I normally would spend on a tank and a half of gas on one full tank of gas.

How To Cope With And Reduce Stress - I have always struggled to live a stress-free life.

More Than Words - A thought is never objectified until it is put into words.

Foreign Demand May Jeopardize Uranium Supply for US Utilities - We discussed with the Ux Consulting president from which countries future uranium supplies may come, and who is going after those supplies more aggressively.

About Online Dating - Times are changing and so also is the way people meet each other.

How to Recognize Your Spiritual Master - He is watching you, right here and right now.

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