Mind Your Manners The Biblical Wisdom of Mastering Social Etiquette - The Bible teaches that men and women are supposed to live "wisely," where the chief idea behind the word for wisdom is "skill.

The st Century Reality Only Living Things Can Give Life - There is no more important day for Christians than Easter Sunday, the annual celebration of Jesus Christ being resurrected from the dead.

The Power of Reason - In a century that any natural person, juristic person and state all intend to sustain economic prosperity, philosophy does have a huge iron barricade to be on par to other fields.

How to Do More Have More and Be More - Not enough time, money or happiness?.

War Against the United States and Iran a Complete Tragedy in the Present Period - War against the United States of American and the Iranian nation state, which sponsors International Terrorism will certainly be a tragedy.

Who Has Been Doing This To You - I am reading the biography of Walt Disney, written by Bob Thomas, at present.

Stretching or Snapping - Last week I met a friend who had just completed his first triathlon.

Fair Trade Housing Boom Economics and Clear Cutting Timber in Canada - We have done so much here in the United States to make sure trees, which are cut down or areas of our forest, which are thinned out are done so responsibly.

China and India Increase CO By Almost - Many are not aware of the increases from China and India in their contribution to the CO2 and pollution.

Mexico City Earthquake Soon - How long until the big Mexico City Quake? We all know it is way over due and many of us remember the last one in 1985.

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