Anti Globalists Condemn the Federal Reserve

It is amazing indeed that that anti-globalists are so busy condemning the Federal Reserve and the powers that be. Claiming everything is one giant conspiracy theory and that nothing is as it seems. In fact they go so far as to name bloodlines, actual family names and then say everything that is wrong in the world is there fault.Recently on a political Blog, I had just about had enough when one conspiracy theorist wrote; "I could care less about bloodlines or if you guys run around Bohemian Grove worshiping Molech or the pyramids or whatever, but when your laws and the fact that you issue worthless money thru the Federal Reserve that we the people must use.Then we've got a problem.".

A human civilization works best when a unit of trade is made as a standard. Therefore I do not have to cut off a piece of my Cow, every time I want to buy some firewood, bread or eggs that you are producing. The silliness of the Grove is just an ice breaker, to help many of the leaders of all sectors to get together in a common cause of the on-going efforts of a smooth running civilization.By getting together they can cooperate more, rather than sit and stew and become paranoid and over protective, causing the chess game to be played at a level detrimental to all we are and all we have built. Such organizational capital is of positive value to human populations, not to the detriment in most cases.

There is a lot to consider in running all we are and all we have built and leaders of industry, government and private sector need to feel comfortable with others like them so they can pick up that phone and say what is on their minds to move the ball forward for the forward progression of the species. I hope you will not be so linear to call our World Leaders evil, as we really need them and we should be thanking them not condemning anyone today. Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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