Abatement of Roadside Bombs

We need a better way to detect roadside bombs in advance by satellite, UAV or aircraft. Perhaps a quick scanning of the roads below looking for lose dirt and under surface anomalies using high-tech equipment used in mineral and oil exploration.When an anomaly is spotted it would be labeled on an artificial grid and it would show up within a couple meter radius with a red dot on a map inside the bomb squad mobiles, which would incapacitate the bombs. If these units could be mounted on UAVs they could constantly fly and alert of problem areas and eventually the anomalies, which were not roadside bombs could be labeled as minimal risks while the new anomalies popping up would be labeled high risk "red dots" to be deactivated, detonated or exploded by our teams.If we fail to remove these IEDs and Roadside Bombs we will have more and more casualties, as more people will enemies in the future will use them and they will continue to be a weapon of choice for our enemy. Additionally and considering the issues with landmines as well, we need to implement this technology in the battlespace if we are to win the War on Terror and rid this Planet of International Terrorists.

Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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