Abatement of Dangerous Contaminants in Aftermath of Disasters

One of the biggest problems we're finding in the aftermath of huge disasters such as the Sumatra earthquake and the Indonesia tsunami, and hurricane Katrina is that these disasters leave huge amounts of dangerous contaminants. The cleanup of all these environmental hazards can take years and cost millions.One of the critical keys will be the abatement of dangerous contaminants in the aftermath of such disasters and we need to have a plan in place and FEMA needs to make sure that they have trained personnel and first responders ready to take care of the situation.

Easier said than done indeed, there is no easy way to get rid of these dangerous contaminants and environmental hazards or industrial pollution and sewage, as they will be everywhere and soak into groundwater.It gets worse as the bacteria grows and the insects lay eggs. In the case of hurricane Katrina mosquito abatement is a huge issue because each mosquito lays 400 eggs and nothing can stop the cycle because it becomes a perfect spawning ground for the insects.Without a plan in place for abatement of dangerous contaminants, mosquitoes and other environmental hazards in the aftermath of large natural disasters things can only get worse. And this compounds the problem in that it turns one natural disaster into two.

Consider this in 2006.

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